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TidyHQ has a variety of apps that you can choose to switch on or off, with some attracting monthly fees, but it’s up to you to use them or not. Our apps take TidyHQ to the next level, integrating with other great services to make your job even easier.

TidyHQ Pages Integration

TidyHQ Pages

Create custom web pages for your TidyHQ site.

Available Now

TidyHQ Custom Domain Integration

Custom Domain

Use your own .com or any other domain for your TidyHQ site.

Available Now

TidyHQ MailChimp Integration

MailChimp Integration

Link TidyHQ contacts with your MailChimp newsletter list.

Available Now

TidyHQ Association Integration


Effortless management for your entire Association

Public Beta

TidyHQ Analytics Integration

Google Analytics

Track your TidyHQ public pages with Google Analytics.

Available Now

TidyHQ Xero Integration


Event Barcode scanning and attendee registration from your mobile devices.

Public Beta

TidyHQ Slack Integration


Get realtime notifications directly into a Slack #channel

Public Beta

TidyHQ Xero Integration

Care Monkey

A Risk Management Solution giving mobile access to participants emergency details so first responders know exactly what to do and who to call.

Coming soon

TidyHQ Xero Integration

Xero Integration

Take your TidyHQ Finances to the next level with Xero, the online accounting tool for small business.

Closed Beta

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Our Associations App is our most powerful App to date, letting you gain better insights and improve governance across your entire association.

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